HP 9106A Typewriter Coupler

The HP 9106A Typewriter Coupler interfaces the 9100 Calculator System to the IBM Model 73 Typewriter to provide fast, numeric print out. The numbers from the 9100’s CRT display are duplicated exactly on the typewriter wherever desired in a horizontal or vertical format.

Formatting is accomplished by selecting the registers or combination of registers to be printed, either TAB mode (horizontal format) or RET mode (vertical format), and then initializing the print command either manually or by programmed request. After each print out of data the typehead automatically moves to the next desired position. Four additional control commands are provided for additional formatting flexibility.

The complete typewriter keyboard can be used manually when the calculator-typewriter-system is not executing a program.

The typewriter coupler allows for use of preprinted forms. Proper setting of the tabulator stops will allow the typewriter to type data in the appropriate places on the form automatically.

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