HP 11163A System Desk

The 11163A System Desk was specifically designed for the HP 9100 Calculator System. The desk, made of stain resistant, washable vinyl laminate, is ruggedly constructed as well as being attractive.

The desk has room for all of the 9100 family of peripherals and 9100 materials. All of the peripheral connection cords are located within the back panel, so that only one cord needs to go to a power outlet.

The desk can be easily moved to any desired location.


The 11163A has room for and internal power outlets for all of the peripherals – 9100A/B Calculator, 9120A Printer, 9125B Plotter, 9160A Cardreader, 9101A Extended Memory, 9102A Buffer and 2575A Coupler. The desk was designed with a pull-out work shelf, adequate knee room for the operator and a shelf to store 9100 materials.

The back panel lowers after the two latch buttons have been depressed, revealing the connecting cords of the peripherals and the 4-plug outlet box. Besides concealing the connecting cords and allowing the use of only one cord to a power outlet, the desk has an AC power distribution filter to reduce interference from external electrical appliances.

The desk can easily be moved from place to place. The castors on the desk are such that they will not mar the surface of the floor.


Overall width
Height (without system)27-1/2″,(69,9cm).
Length of Table Surface45″,(114,3cm).
Overall desk length46-1/4″,(117,5cm)
Net92 lbs.,(41,8kg).
Shipping112 lbs.,(50,9kg).
Maximum load limit
500 lbs.,(227,3kg).
Maximum load on Pull-cmt shelf25 lbs.,(11,4kg).
115 or 230V +/-10%, 48-66Hz
No. of outlets on power panel4
Maximum power rating on Power line filter960 va
Operating range0-45°C.


3rd Party Desk from Gutmann

There was also a 3rd party system desk from the German company Gutmann:

Ein Gutmann-Fahrtisch ist der ideale Platz für den Tischrechner 9100 von Hewlett-Packard. In Kombination mit dem umseitig abgebildeten Zusatztisch entsteht ein großflächiger Arbeitsplatz, der auch den Kartenleser, den X-Y-Plotter sowie weitere Zusatzgeräte aufnehmen kann.