HP 9101A Extended Memory

Under construction

HP 9102A Buffer Box

Under construction

HP 9104A Tape Reader

Under construction

HP 9106A Typewriter Coupler

The HP 9106A Typewriter Coupler interfaces the 9100 Calculator System to the IBM Model 73 Typewriter to provide fast, numeric print out. The numbers from the 9100’s CRT display are duplicated exactly on the typewriter wherever desired in a horizontal or vertical format.

HP 9107A Digitizer

Under construction

HP 9120A Printer

The HP 9120A provides fast, quiet printer capability for use with the 9100 Calculators. The Printer prints the contents of any combination of X, Y, and Z Calculator display registers upon manual or programmed command. It also lists the contents of the Calculator’s program memory upon command. Quiet operation is obtained using a unique electrosensitive printing principle. The 9120A Printer mounts on top of the 9100 Calculators to insure easy access and minimum space requirements. Operation of the Printer is initiated either manually by a single keystroke or in a program by one program step.

HP 9125A X-Y Plotter

The 9125A provides permanent graphic solutions to problems solved by the Calculator. The Plotter plots the point, specified by the numbers in the Calculator’s X and Y registers, when the format (FMT) instruction is activated. The relationship between the variables is ordinarily programmed in the Calculator which then drives the Plotter. The Calculator can also be used in the manual mode to transfer data coordinates to the Plotter directly.

HP 9150A Large Screen Display

The 9150A is a large screen display of the 9100 X, Y, and Z registers, which allows a large group to see the calculations. Instructors find this peripheral exceptionally valuable. They can better explain scientific concepts using the display.

HP 9160A Marked Card Reader

The 9160A optically reads cards marked with a soft lead pencil. By using the standard size tab cards properly formatted, programs and numerical data can be entered quickly and conveniently. Each card can hold 28 program instructions or data. Cards can be cascaded easily.

HP 2570A Instrumentation Coupler

Under construction

HP 11163A System Desk

The 11163A System Desk was specifically designed for the HP 9100 Calculator System. The desk, made of stain resistant, washable vinyl laminate, is ruggedly constructed as well as being attractive.

The desk has room for all of the 9100 family of peripherals and 9100 materials. All of the peripheral connection cords are located within the back panel, so that only one cord needs to go to a power outlet.


  1. i just acquired a Hewlett Packard 9150A display monitor which I understand was
    created for the sole purpose of displaying the output of the famous 9100A and B
    on a larger screen …. My unit appears to be in tremendous shape for its age.

    Do you have any idea if anyone in the community would be interested in purchasing it, or would there be some sort of museum that it should wind up at?

    I can’t imagine there are too many of these floating around! Its a real neat piece of history and the HP story.

    1. Hi Timothy,
      thanks a lot for your message. IMHO, this is indeed a very rare find! I’ve never seen one and my Internet research only uncovered one in a Dutch computer museum, see

      You can see an 9150A display in action on Youtube, see here:

      Personally, I’d be interested in such a monitor. Unfortunately, I’m located in Switzerland and shipping would be risky and for sure VERY expensive. So I guess I’m out of luck. There is an active vintage HP computer community in the group ‘VintHPcom’ on A more pocket calculator related community is active on the forum of

      I guess you don’t know if it’s still working?

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