Boeing behemoth bends its wings

In mid-December, a Pan Am jet liner will lift off from Kennedy International Airport and head eastward for London and Frankfurt with 362 passengers – the largest passenger load ever carried by a commercial jet airplane. The plane, a new Boeing 747, forerunner of super jets of the 70’s, should make its pre-Christmas inaugural flight as scheduled, thanks in part to many prior months of careful, meticulous flight testing during which Hewlett-Packard went along as a working passenger. [ Read More ]

Interview with Bill Hewlett

The desk top calculator, introduced at a special press conference in New York City on March 11, ranks as one of the most exciting instruments developed by the company in its 29-year history. The following interview with HP Presi­dent Bill Hewlett explores some of the more significant aspects of the new instrument and its impact on the marketplace. [ Read More ]

Acquire and reduce scientific measurements automatically…

If you’re a typical scientist, you spend a lot of time on the bench making measurements … and you don’t object to that at all. What you do mind is the ever-increasing amount of time that you must spend at the desk making the calculations that turn raw measurements into useful information. [ Read More ]

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