Scanning and sharing manuals

I’ve collected many HP 9100 manuals and would like to scan and share them. However, scanning manuals is a LOT of work, and without good equipment the results are often of minor quality. I did a little research and found Blue Leaf Book Scanning Service. That seems to be a good option, but I will have to spend quite some bucks. Furthermore, I have to send them the manuals which seems to be a little risky. Anyway, transforming the manuals to searchable PDFs and to other digital formats is very tempting. I think I’ll give them a try.

There are also many web sites to share documents. Calaméo seems to be a good choice. If you have any experience with the services mentioned above, or if you know another good option for scanning and sharing manuals, please let me know!

You may also support my efforts to scan and publish HP 9100 manuals with a small donation:

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