On the forum of hpmuseum.org I’ve learned about the Elektronika T3-16 desktop calculator. It seems that this calculator is a reverse engineered HP-9100B. The electronics looks not very professional, a lot of wires, and the case looks edged and less stylish than the 9100B. Funnily it appears in a movie, however, I don’t understand Russian so I don’t what’s the story line. I’m wondering how many of these calculators were made? If anybody knows some details about this calculator please share the information with me.

HP 9100 Prototype

Today I stumbled across a description of an HP 9100 prototype on the web site of The National Museum of American History. The prototype already looks quite similar to the final calculator. The keys are mostly the same, however, the keyboard layout differs slightly. It looks like the prototype has no magnetic card reader. Unfortunately, there is no picture showing the inside. According to the museum, it was a gift of the Hewlett Packard company. I wonder if it’s still working?

Let’s get started

All beginnings are difficult, you know. My original intention was to write a nice home page first. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for inspiration which is blocking any progress. Therefore, I decided to proceed the other way around and just write down the information I discover. Not a well-structured approach, I know, but as spare time is rare I have to compromise.